Edinburgh Farm is a friendly and open Organic community based farm and petting zoo, with many other wonderful activities. Ever since the farm was taken over by the pioneer of the project, Bryan Mayers, our goal has always been to give back to the world whatever we take. On this webpage you can have a look for yourself at our wonderful range of activities, perfect for all ages.

The above images show some of the many activities we have available at the farm. First from the left you can see a typical day at the petting zoo. All of our animals are child friendly as they have been trained to eat food out of your hand. The image only shows goats, sheep and ducks but a full list of our animals can be found on our petting zoo page under activities.

Admission Prices

We try our hardest to keep prices at a minimum but unfortunately a farm still costs money to run and so we must charge.

*Concession: applies to pensioners, disabled customers and accompanying carers.

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